Municipal elections: 'CRE de Laval' prepares a pre-written letter for citizens to call upon candidates about environmental issues

As municipal elections approach, Conseil régional de l'environnement de Laval's team is glad to provide Laval citizens with a pre-written letter calling upon candidates about great environmental issues, as part of our involvement with the Vire au vert initiative.
This letter highlights the urgency to place the environment in its rightful place when it comes to the City of Laval's decision-making process, all while being in a climate crisis setting. Questions about the candidates' political are also suggested in order to determine if and how the environment is integrated in their electoral campaigns.


To complete the letter (French-written), you simply have to fill out the blank spaces in the PDF document. Click on the dropdown menu in the letter to select candidates and political parties. Then, choose the date, sign your name and specify your district. 

Find the candidates' email addresses here.
*Please note that the letter must be completed with a software that supportds PDF documents.
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