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Collection of recyclable materials in Laval

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Here is the list of all accepted and refused items at the sorting center in Laval. Sort your stuff properly! It saves resources too…


Accepted items:

  • Paper and cardboard

-  Newspapers, magazines, coupons

- Loose-leaf sheets, envelops, paper bags

- Books and phonebooks

-  Cardboard boxes and rolls

- Egg boxes

- Juice and milk boxes (rinsed!) with tops

  • Plastic

- Tetra PakMD typed packaging

- Category 1,2,3,4,5,7 plastic

- Plastic bags

- Plastic bags and wrappings

- Tops and lids

- Bottles (cosmetics, food products, etc)

  • Glass

- Bottles and jars of all colors

  • Metal and aluminum

- Aluminum paper and containers

- Aluminum bottles and cans

- Cans

- Tops and lids


Non accepted items:

  • Styrofoam

- Coffee cups and to-go food containers

  • Category 6 plastic

- Thin and smooth plastic, often see-through (yogurt, bakery, mushroom containers)

            Reference guide about recyclable and non-recyclable materials (French-written).


Where do my residual materials go?

Two main sources can guide you: RECYC QUÉBEC's Ça va où online tool as well as the City of Laval's Green pages (both links in French).


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