Education & Outreach

There appears to be a consensus to the protection of the environment among Laval’s citizens. However, more often than not, urban life means that there is a gap between the population and the ecosystems that surround it. This usually leads to a lack of knowledge regarding the natural mechanisms that provide ecosystem services on which our societies depend, but also our forests and water streams. CRE de Laval is nonetheless convinced that « To know is to love ; and to love is to protect », therefore we are engaged in multiple ways in order to raise awareness when it comes to environmental issues.


Bouffe-Nature day camp


Bouffe-Nature day camp, managed by CRE de Laval as well as Groupe Promo-Santé Laval, promotes healthy eating habits and physical activity for kids, while also inviting them to experience a total immersion in nature, thanks to our ecology-specialized monitors.


The camp is located in Papineau woodland, which is considered as an exceptional forest ecosystem (EFE). Every morning, all groups enjoy field trips during which kids can be in awe of natural resources surrounding them. On this occasion, themes such as interdependence of living beings, fauna, forest succession or water cycles and filtration are addressed through games and artistic activities.


Knowledge that is gained in a playful spirit can then allow kids to understand the world and environmental topics in a more scientific way, without of course dismissing the emotional part of their analysis.


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Scol’ERE carbon exchange program



CRE de Laval is one the training organizations accredited by COOP FA, which is at the origin of the Scol’ERE carbon exchange program. Our agents visit Laval primary classes of grade 4, 5 and 6 to provide climate change and carbon management workshops.


There are five workshops per participating class. During these, students are made aware of the greenhouse effect and climate change, as well as the impact of transport and the making of everyday items, the use of energy ; lastly, they are invited to raise awareness in their immediate environment (friends and family).


With this commitment, CRE de Laval sure hopes that these cohorts of future decision makers will put their knowledge to good use - that is, the responsible development of our societies.


Conferences and events


CRE de Laval is very active in the event field, setting up information and awareness-raising booths in block parties as well as participating in cleaning and greening activities with other organizations.


Montmorency College and C.I.EAU (Centre d’interprétation de l’eau) are both precious partners for the organisation of conferences and free environment-related documentary screenings, for the benefit of the entire population of Laval.


Among recent achievements of CRE de Laval, there have been : 

  • The screening of a documentary called « Un monde inaperçu », on November 1st, 2017 ; 

  • The screening of the movie « La Terre vue du coeur » on November 19, 2018 ; 

  • The organization of an election debate about the environment during the federal campaign of 2019 ; 

  • The holding of a conference about the impact of food supplies on water resources on November 20, 2019 ; 

  • The holding of a conference about natural areas of Laval on March 5, 2020.


Presence on social networks


CRE de Laval is very active on popular social media (Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn). They represent important platforms for conveying messages regarding the environment as they reach people far beyond our members. Therefore CRE de Laval stands out as a reference in both environmental watch and expertise for the population.


Environmental news are often shared on our social media, with a special focus on local, national and international events, as well as legislative changes. Reflections from texts published in the media are also suggested, in addition to photos and anecdotes from our employees on the field.




CRE de Laval’s website, which was completely refreshed in 2020, provides a wealth of information for anyone that is interested in the environment in Laval. Different subjects related to sustainable mobility, adaptation to climate change, natural areas, land use planning and waste management are exposed in detail on our website, with expert reports and external resources issued by the competent authorities.