"Bouffe-Nature" day camp 

Bouffe-Nature day camp, co-managed by CRE de Laval and Groupe Promo-Santé Laval, offers culinary workshops and nature-discovering activities for kids aged 5 to 12.

The camp, which promotes healthy lifestyles and sustainable development, welcomes between 30 and 40 kids per week. During a typical week, each group takes part in nature discovery workshops, artistic and sporting activities, park outings, visits at Centre de la nature, culinary workshops and other activities taking place indoors or outdoors (Papineau woodland). Public health measures regarding COVID-19 are respected throughout the camp.


The team at Bouffe-Nature day camp thank the government of Canada for its financial support.

Cooking workshops

This year, kids will cook their own snacks every day except Tuesdays with their respective groups.




Kids will take part in culinary activities and discover new foods and flavours. Recipes and activities are carefully selected by a nutritionist of Groupe Promo-Santé Laval. Workshops are given by a culinary specialist. Kids will prepare lunch and two snacks every day. Moreover, the educative garden will be tended to by the kids themselves! They will discover how to grow fruits and vegetables and how to properly take care of a garden.


Ecology workshops


Discovering Papineau woodland.


Every day except Tuesdays, our campers set out in the forest, right next to our building, to learn about nature and discover ecosystems. Bois Papineau is a natural reserve, which means it has a conservation status to protect the cathedral-like old-growth forests. There are also many wetlands, various forest types and many paths to hike in in this amazing urban forest.


The nature workshops held in the morning are always animated by a trained naturalist. Kids will visit the forest, do some birdwatching, treasure hunting, play games, look for critters, visit wetlands, and so on. Possibilities are endless. The idea is to learn and discover nature, while having fun and enjoying the summer vacations.


Examples of nature activities:

  • Birdwatching with binoculars. 

  • Hiking in Bois Papineau

  • Treasure hunting

  • Catching insects to observe their colors and behavior (and a quick release!)

  • Tree identification 

  • Water cycle experiments

  • Animal track discovery


Centre de la nature

Kids will spend every Tuesday at Centre de la nature and will enjoy available infrastructures such as walking trails, outdoor play units, the pond as well as the farm and the pasture area.




Do you know how to sort waste?


Every week, a new theme will inspire the games and daily activities. This year, the themes will correspond to different periods of History!


June 25-29 juin: Prehistory

July 1st-5: Antiquity

July 8-12: Renaissance

July 15-19: The Roaring Twenties

July 22-26: The 70's

August 29-2: The 2000's

August 5-9: The year 2050

August 12-16: The year 5000


More information



Bouffe-Nature day camp is also…

  • A place where we promote healthy living habits for kids

  • Cooking, ecology and artistic workshops and sports games 

  • A garden for and maintained by the children 

  • A place to play outside whenever the weather allows it

  • Swimming

  • A fun weekly theme 

  • Summer pictures on our Facebook page

  • A weekly follow-up email 


This year again, every day, kids will enjoy a full hour of physical activities supervised and partly led by a kinesiologist!


During the camp, your kids will have the pleasure to discover Papineau woodland. And guess what? You will be able to go back with them! Indeed, Papineau woodland is accessible for the population, summer and winter!

Parents' Guide - Summer of 2024

Click here to access it (French-written).


Meeting spot

Room 6 of Pavillon du Bois-Papineau (3235, St.Martin East boulevard, Laval).


Camp and day-care service schedules

The camp schedule is from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The day-care service schedule is from 7:30 AM to 9:00 AM and from 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.


Registration and fees

The fees for the summer of 2024 are as follows: $225 per week for the camp and $35 per week for the day-care service. Snacks are included, as kids will prepare them at the camp - therefore parents must provide their kids' lunches.

Please note that if the social insurance number (SIN) is not provided through your account, the system will be unable to issue a RL-24 slip. 

*Your SIN remains confidential and unknown to the members of our team.*


We use the platform Amilia to facilitate the registration process. The advantages for you are as follows:

  • You can now pay via credit card online;
  • By creating an account, you won't be required to fill out your kid's information every time anymore.


Click here to access the page allowing you to enroll your child starting Friday, March 15, at 9:00 AM.



Should you have any questions, you may contact us at the following email address: bouffenature@gmail.com or by phone: 438-763-1917.

Also, don't forget to ''like'' Bouffe-Nature's day camp on Facebook!  



Pavillon du Bois-Papineau

3235 St. Martin east boulevard

Laval, QC

H7E 5G8








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