Historical document

On Friday October 21, 2022, a special evening took place to celebrate 25+1 years of existence for the Conseil régional de l'environnement (CRE) de Laval. The staff was impatient to meet up again and honour the people that have marked the organization's history. After two years into the pandemic - during which CRE de Laval got a brand new visual identity and new management -, a special event was more than needed!

For the occasion, CRE de Laval had the pleasure to officially present a brand new hisorical document. It includes, inter alia, the greatest accomplishments and services offered by the organization, a summary of the documents produced through the years as well as the mention of former administrators and employees that has contributed, each in their own way, to the development of CRE de Laval as we know it today. A hard copy of the document was provided to attendees.


Our historical document was inspired by the one created by Conseil régional de l'environnement du Centre-du-Québec; we want to thank them for accepting that we take their idea and put our personal touch to it to make it our own.


Consult the historical document (in French).



Page 19 should have also read the following names:

Marie-Ève Deshaies, Environmental agent, 2009-2010
Anne-Camille Bataille, Project manager
Anne-Marie Huard, Project manager, 2010-2011
Larissa De Marino Fernandes, Environmental project manager, 2011
Lucie McNeil, Project manager, 2011-2012