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M. Sc. Marketing, Leadership and Project management

Executive director of CRE de Laval

Circular economy manager



Elodie holds a Masters in Marketing, Management and Project management. She cofounded the Festival Zéro Déchet as well as the Association québécoise Zéro Déchet (AQZD). She aims to ignite change on both individual and collective levels. In order to dedicate herself fully to the environmental cause, she took classes in residual materials management and circular economy at University of Sherbrooke. She is now tackling all sorts of challenges related to her position as executive director of CRE de Laval while also being the person responsible for circular economy in the organization. Involved in several regional committees, she doesn't miss an occasion to work in collaboration with various actors to ensure a green transition for Laval and the province.


Political Science (B.Sc.), Honours                                                 

Communications and events manager                                                 


Audrey has a Bachelor’s degree in political science (honours program) from the University of Montreal. She specialized during her academic journey through a selection of environmental courses and seminars. Passionate about fauna and more specifically cetaceans, she was involved with the Marine Mammal Research and Education Group in Tadoussac, QC, as a research volunteer working on photo-identification, as well as an interpreter and editor. She was also employed as an interpreter at the Whale Interpretive Centre in Telegraph Cove, on Vancouver Island (B.C.). Having years of experience in journalism, Audrey joined the team of CRE de Laval as a Communication and Events manager in February 2020.


Biology (B.Sc.), Biology (M. Sc.)

Natural environments project manager                              



After a computer science career, Nathalie decided to go back to school to get a bachelor degree as well as a Masters in biology. Her passion for ornithology enabled her to achieve several avian fauna inventories, also collaborating with many organizations, and she was also a member of the board of directors of QuébecOiseaux. Thanks to her study path, she worked as a coordinator for a project that aimed to raise awareness among municipalities regarding the protection of birds. She now discovers the fascinating world of plants in the context of her position as project manager in natural environments at CRE de Laval.

Biology (B.Sc.)

Natural environments manager                                          



Alexandre holds a Diploma of College Studies in Environmental and Wildlife Management program, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in biological science from the University of Montreal, with a specialization in evolution and biodiversity. He was involved in research projects regarding plant production and urban forestry, which made him want to work more on environmental issues in urbanized areas. He firstly joined the Eco-Nature team, where his interest for public-awareness raising led him to work as an interpreter on cruises on the Mille Îles River as well as on numerous hikes on Jésus Island. Fascinated with botany, he was hired by the CRE de Laval in 2018 where he now works on the characterization and mapping of natural environments of Laval.


B. A. History, M. Sc. Environment

Environment and Residual materials management project manager        


Francis holds a bachelor's degree in History as well as an environmental science master from UQÀM. He combined his two passions - history and environment - by writing a thesis on the social construction of environment and the genesis of environmental movements in Quebec. Through his participation in the organization of several events promoting the 3RD principles (waste reduction, reuse, recycling, and development of residual material) as well as events that aimed to raise awareness towards the environment as a project manager working for the Société écocitoyenne de Montréal, Francis developed an interest for the circular economy and ecological transition concepts. He joined CRE de Laval's team as a project manager in Ecocitizenship in the summer of 2021.


Bachelor of Arts, M. A. Political science    

Project manager - Laval ZéN                                                  


Pierre-Luc studied history and he completed a Master's degree in political science at the University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM). His research focused on the use of public policy instruments regarding the ecological transition by municipalities of Quebec. He is particularly interested in social consultation and community development. Within CRE de Laval, he is in charge of Laval ZéN, a social dialogue approach aimed at the implementation of the socio-ecological transition at the territorial level.



M.Sc. Environment candidate

Environment and sustainable mobility project manager


Raphaël holds a bachelor's degree in environmental geography from the University of Montreal - he is currently in the process of completing his M. A. in environmental science (with an internship in the professional field) from the University of Quebec in Montreal. During his studies, he contributed to a research project and a scientific paper dedicated to the post-pandemic city issues, with a focus on inequalities associated with the immobility imposed by the sanitary measures. His keen interest for the study of climate change as wel as mobility, land use planning and the environment of urban spaces allowed him to undergo a first internship during the summer of 2021 regarding sustainable mobility in a +2°C world. With his passion for the socioecological transition, Raphaël joined CRE de Laval's team in 2022 as an environment and sustainable mobility project manager.

Photo credit: ©Marianna Georgiadis


M. Sc. Environment                                   

Environmental education project manager                        


Mégane Lavallée-Trubiano holds a bachelor's degree in marketing communication from the University of Quebec in Montreal as well as a Master's in environment from the University of Sherbrooke. She has a keen interest in issues regarding natural habitats, green spaces, urban agriculture and environmental justice. She worked for over a year with the Réseau de milieux naturels protégés where she was responsible for liaising in conservation. She joined CRE de Laval's team in January 2024 as an environmental education facilitator, as part of the Carbone Scol'ERE program, before getting the title of Environmental education project manager in May 2024.


Ecology (B. Sc.)                                                                   

Field assistant                                    



Frédéric holds a Bachelor's degree in ecology from the University of Sherbrooke. During his academic journey, he worked on research projects dedicated to animal behaviour, in entomology as well as in agriculture management. From now on, he wishes to focus on the protection and restoration of natural environments. Also holding a Diploma of collegial studies and a certificate in computer science, he loves to favour a multidisciplinary approach to address modern environmental issues. He joins the team of CRE de Laval for a second consecutive year as a field assistant.