Climate change

Climate change... an overview

Human activity, mostly fossil fuel use and cattle raising, increases concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere which globally affects the climate.  Climate change is no longer a future threat, it is occurring now and governments, industries, municipalities and citizens must act and adapt to this new reality that poses multiple challenges for the health and security of populations.


PhareClimat aims to promote environmental initiatives in Quebec in order to inspire actors of change to implement them in their region.

Climate toolkit

Whether you are a journalist, chosen representative, professional, worker, CEO, or whoever really, you might need a quick and accurate briefing on climate change. Two organizations, RNCREQ and Équiterre, have put together a climate change toolkit containing ten cards written in French that cover fundamental questions and topics.

Awareness-raising booklet

This booklet was part of a series produced by the Regroupement national des conseils régionaux de l’environnement (RNCREQ) for each and every region.

Examples of climate risks in Laval

Climate change cause several issues that are already observed on Laval's territory, and the situation may worsen if we do not act quickly and efficiently in order to mitigate climate risks.

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