Climate change

Examples of climate risks in Laval

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Climate change cause several issues that are already observed on Laval's territory, and the situation may worsen if we do not act quickly and efficiently in order to mitigate climate risks.


1- Heat waves

Climate change will likely increase the frequency and duration of heat waves. In 2010, around one hundred people died due to heat in the greater Montreal area. Most deaths occurred in more vulnerable groups of people such as the sick, elders and children. 


2- Safe domestic water supply

Climate change, wetland and flooded plain loss, stream canalisation and loss of tree cover altogether have cumulative impacts that could complicate the city’s clean water supply. Such events already occurred in 2001, 2002, 2010 and 2012 when alerts were sounded due to the impacts of the extended dry and hot season on the Mille Îles River. 


3- Infrastructures 

Storms such as the one that occured in July 2013 caused significant damage to many infrastructures and thousands of people were out of power all over Laval. 


4- Flooding

Mild winters with intermittent rain episodes will increase the risk of frazil ice forming along the regional shores, creating dams leading to flooding. Frazil appears as randomly oriented and loose needle-shaped ice crystals which are formed when water is in sudden contact with cold air.


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