About us


The Conseil régional de l'environnement (CRE) de Laval was founded in January 1996 by citizens and regional environmental organizations. Our mission is to enhance environmental quality and promote sustainable development. 

CRE de Laval welcomes on a voluntary basis individuals and organizations, either private or public, dedicated to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable development principles. We always take into account the social, environmental and ecological dimensions - as they are the three pillars of sustainable development - in order to meet society’s current needs without sacrificing the environmental quality of future generations.


Our goals

  • Maintain unity, coordination and collaboration between local businesses, individuals, non-profits and all types of organizations willing to protect and value the environment ;
  • Fulfill the need for an environmental regional spokesperson for all relevant authority or instance ;
  • Help implementing local committees by supporting them technically, scientifically, physically and morally ;
  • Inform citizens of their rights and responsibilities regarding environmental policy ;
  • Formulate recommendations on any environmental related municipal by-laws and insure the inclusion of environmental policies within land-use planning. 


Some noteworthy successes and projects

  • Assistance to the technical and implementation committee of the cycling project La Route Verte ;

  • Wetlands inventory of Jesus island ;

  • Biotopes urbains project studying the impacts of vegetation cover on water holding capacity and urban heat island effects within the metropolitan community of Montreal ;

  • Support service for industries, businesses and institutions for the responsible management of residual materials ;

  • Support service for industries, businesses and institutions in the accreditation process for the ICI ON RECYCLE! program ;

  • Briefs on various topics: agriculture, expansion of highway 25, natural environments conservation plan, public transport financing, urban waste management, and many more.


Become a member or renew your membership

Do you study, work or live in Laval and appreciate CRE de Laval's work for the environment? You represent an organization, an institution or an enterprise based in Laval and you wish to support our mission and collaborate with us?

Support us by becoming a member and therefore receive on a regular basis insider information about the environment and Laval!

By becoming a member, you :

  • Support our projects and actions related to the environment ;
  • Help give a greater reach and a more significant legitimacy to our work ;
  • Obtain voting power at our annual general meeting ;
  • Can submit your application to the Board of Directors.

BONUS! CRE de Laval has created a book about the most spectacular and exceptional tree species in Laval, called « Nos survivants : les arbres remarquables de Laval » (French-written only). Become a member of CRE de Laval and get your free copy of the book! For non-members, the book is also in sale for $30.


Make a donation to CRE de Laval!

Environmental protection is a cause you hold dear?

CRE de Laval is a charity organization and is therefore able to issue receipts for income tax purposes for any donation of over $20 - either as volunteer time or actual money.

Your donations will directly help :

  • Environmental protection ;
  • The conservation of natural environments (woodlands, wetlands, islands, streams, watercourses, etc.) ;
  • The promotion of ecoresponsibility through educational and awareness-raising activities that are accessibles to as many citizens as possible ;
  • The creation of tools and solutions to better face climate change ;
  • The improvement of the quality of life of Laval citizens.