Urban wildlife

The impact of domestic cats on birds

Predation by cats is a major cause of mortality amongst birds as well as small mammals such as mice, shrews and young rabbits. Did you know that every year, between 100-350 millions of birds are killed by cats in Canada?

Avian fauna: Good practices to adopt

Laval is home to an exceptionally rich and diverse avian fauna. For as long as we can possibly remember, our winged neighbors have sparked awe and wonder among both young and old, be it during a forest walk or while having breakfast on the patio. For an optimal relationship with birds, a few good practices are necessary.

Turtles by the road : slow down!

The eight species of native freshwater turtles that can be found in Quebec are designated as endangered or vulnerable. A myriad of factors are responsible for this situation : destruction and degradation of habitats, high mortality rates near the roads, enhanced egg predation and illegal captivity (Eco-Nature).

Dekay’s Brownsnake, discreet and endangered

Dekay’s Brownsnake, an indigenous endangered species, is exclusively found in the Greater Montreal area. Maybe you were lucky enough to observe one in Laval? With a length of about 25-35 centimeters, the Dekay’s Brownsnake is identifiable not only by its color, but also by its back displaying two parallel rows of dark spots and its pink or pale yellow stomach (Quebec government). 

The utmost importance of pollinators

It is no secret; pollinators are absolutely essential, both for biodiversity and agriculture (and therefore for ourselves). Indeed, in Quebec, 40% of food products are dependent on the pollinators’ work. The equation is quite simple: without them, our plates would look very different… and not for the better.

The Monarch butterfly, emblem AND pollinator worth protecting

Well known for its impressive migrations between the province and Mexico, the Monarch butterfly is sadly experiencing a rapid decline: its population dropped down by 90% during the past two decades (David Suzuki Foundation). It is important to protect the Monarch butterfly, because as for all other pollinators, its ecological role is vital.

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