Launching of the 'Climatoréplique' campaign

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Let's chat about climate and energy... in a NOT boring way! In collaboration with Hydro-Quebec and Carburant humain, the Regroupement national des conseils régionaux de l’environnement du Québec (RNCREQ) launches the Climato Réplique on TikTok. This initiative in energy literacy targets a young audience (18-34 years old) and reunites 9 content creators that rectify with humour and simplicity some myths regarding the climate and energy as well.

Talking about climate change and the energy crisis without creating even more exoanxiety among young people is not an easy task. How can we make these topics lighter and more attractive for those that will play a significant role in Quebec's climate and energy of tomorrow? What a challenge! What if we began by reviewing the way we explain things, with a funny twist?

Several scientific studies show that the basic notions related to these issues are often misunderstood. Carburant humain, Hydro-Quebec and the RNCREQ share the same observatopns and decided to collaborate to create, together, an informative and awareness-raising campaign targeting citizens aged between 18 and 34 years old to help them understand better these essential topics.

Launched on October 26 on TikTok and Instagram, this campaign, named Climato Réplique, aims to rectify some myths or wrong ideas currently circulating about climate and energy. Nine content creators that stand out with their style and authenticity, such as Massi Mahiou, were glad to discuss the topics of climate and energy... in a NOT boring way!


Chec out the videos (in French)

Climatoréplique on Instagram

Climatoréplique on TikTok


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