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'CRE de Laval' celebrates 20 years of existence!

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January 19, 2016 marked the 20 years of Conseil régional de l’environnement (CRE) de Laval! Indeed, on that same day in 1996, our organization was founded by citizens and local environmental organizations.

A celebration for CRE de Laval's 20 years anniversary


On October 25, members of CRE de Laval were invited to celebrate the 20 years anniversary of the organization during a convivial evening that took place at the Papineau Woodland Pavilion. About 50 persons from different backgrounds participated in the event : organization representatives, citizens and dignitaries. CRE de Laval wishes to sincerely thank Mrs Virginie Dufour, municipal councillor of Ste-Rose, member of the executive committee of the City of Laval and manager of environmental matters, as well as Mrs Roxanne Saint-Juste, political attachée of deputy Angelo Iacono for the presence.


All participants left with a copy of the book « Nos survivants, les arbres remarquables de Laval ».



AGM 2016


For its 20th Annual general meeting, CRE de Laval decided to offer a meaningful activity to its members! On June 15, three 'rabaskas' went around the islands of the Mitan archipelago, in the Des Prairies river.



Special publications (in French)


Informative sheets

Document 1: La fondation du CRE de Laval
Document 2: La route verte à Laval
Document 3: Les bois lavallois
Document 4: Le reboisement des échangeurs routiers à Laval
Document 5: L’étude des biotopes urbains et péri-urbains de la CMM
Document 6: L’acquisition de l’archipel du Mitan
Document 7: Compostage: De la table à la terre
Document 8: Le projet ICI ON RECYCLE!
Document 9: Le projet PNPE
Document 10: Le projet Ruisseaux urbains de Laval
Document 11: Le camp de jour Bouffe-Nature
Document 12: Park(ing) Day
Document 13: Défi climat
Document 14: Milieux humides
Document 15: Faire face aux changements climatiques à Laval
Document 16: Les bureaux du CRE de Laval au Bois Papineau
Document 17: Le RNCREQ
Document 18: Sensibiliser les citoyens aux enjeux environnementaux
Document 19: Sensibiliser et mobiliser à la récupération des produits électroniques
Document 20: AGA 2016


Newspaper articles

January 30, 2016 – Courrier LavalLe CRE célèbre ses 20 ans.


Press release

January 19, 2016 – Press release - Le CRE de Laval fête ses 20 ans!


A few highlights of CRE de Laval's history


Among the very first cases of CRE de Laval, waste management was the most important. Soon after its foundation, our organization put together an Information Day and formed a committee on the matter befor writing and submitting a brief about residual materials management at provincial level at the Environmental public hearings bureau (also known as BAPE).


That year, CRE de Laval also founded a committee for the development of a practical and recreational bicycle network and participated to the Eco Summit as well as the Worldwide Congress for the Conservation of Nature.


During the past twenty years, CRE de Laval contributed to several important projects, notably :

  • Implantation of the Route verte in Laval;
  • Acquisition and protection of the Mitan archipelago through a status of natural reserve;
  • Inventory of wetlands and watercourses of Jesus island;
  • Organization of the 2013 & 2014 editions of Laval Parking Day;
  • Promotion of the program ICI ON RECYCLE! by Recyc-Québec to enterprises and institutions of Laval;
  • Facilitator of the initiative for the reduction of oil dependency named «Par notre PROPRE énergie»;
  • Coordination of many projects including the study « Urban biotopes » about heat islands on the territory of the MCM;
  • Writing and submission of many opinions, reports and briefs related the sustainable development and environment.


What about the future of CRE de Laval?


CRE de Laval is currently working for many of its projects, such as Urban streams of Laval, the inventory of wetlands of the islands and the initiative « Par notre PROPRE énergie ». New projects will be announced later as well!


For the upcoming years, CRE de Laval wishes to strengthen its regional role. According to Sylvain Loranger, president of the organization :  « CRE de Laval must become an essential actor for Laval-based issues that are in relation with environment, health and sustainable development. The organization must represent a vision of development that is in harmony with the environment and our economy and gather the major stakeholders of the region around these elements » (free translation from original quote).

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