Banks and shorelines quality index assessment

As part of an agreement with the City of Laval, CRE de Laval proceeded, from 2019 to 2021, to the evaluation of the banks and shorelines quality index as well as the erosion susceptibility index of all inhabited shores of the two great rivers of Laval. This exercise therefore excluded the shores of the majority of the islands as well as those found along large riparian wetland complexes.


A total of around 97 kilometers of shorelines were therefore characterized, for a total of about 169 kilometers.


Evaluated thanks to high quality aerial pictures and ìnspections conducted on the field, these indexes allow us to know more about the riparian conditions, and  more specifically, their artificialization level, in order to better plan interventions that will have to be done to ensure their protection. Data collected through this project will serve to the elaboration of the Regional wetlands and water environments plan (''PRMHH'') that the City must submit to the MELCC by June 22, 2022.


If you wish to learn more about stream and shore protection, you may consult (in French) the Quebec policy on shore, shoreline and floodplain protection of the Quebec government.


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