Daycare waste management - Awareness raising campaigns

In Laval, and just like anywhere in Quebec, we are all concerned by the 13 million tons of waste generated every year. Using washable diapers instead of disposal ones is a good way to reduce waste at the source. Disposable diapers represent a third of the waste sent to landfills.


Did you know...

  • A disposable diaper may take between 300 to 500 years to degrade, and will never completely disintegrate? 

  • On average, one child uses 700 diapers per year?

  • 24 washable diapers can replace 6500 disposable diapers?

  • Throughout its growth, a child will use one ton of disposable diapers, which represent 4,5 trees and 67 kg of oil?

  • The cost of washable diapers is similar to the ones of disposables diapers, but washable ones reduce the waste management costs?


CRE de Laval, Lange Bleu and daycare services

Through the ICI ON RECYCLE! program that operated until 2015, our organization associated with RECYC-QUÉBEC and another non-profit, Lange Bleu, to encourage and walk day care services through more sustainable waste management.


Washable diapers in daycares : is it possible?

Lange Bleu offers turnkey services for daycares which include renting, washing and delivering washable diapers.


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