Identification of grasslands of interest

Open environments are very dynamic ecosystems whose landscape may change drastically in only a few decades under the influence of vegetation succession. In Laval, several conservation measures apply to wetlans and forests, while grasslands received very little attention (Van Blaeren and Fliesen, 2020). The abandonment of agropastoral practices or, simply, of agricultural land for the benefit of forest hold or property speculation accelerates the loss of open environments. However, these environments are home to an important biodiversity, including the country avian fauna, which is part of the bird species groups that is the most at risk, with several declining populations that have acquired an endangered species status. This study aims to identify grasslands of interest on Laval territory, the eventual goal being to protect them.


Corbeil grassland.


Project objectives

  • Identify Laval territories featuring grasslands of interest for the enhancement and protection of special status species by preparing a grid analysis;
  • Initiate a larger reflection that aims to increase the number of protected area on Laval territory by conserving grasslands on the long term;
  • Design an action plan in order to engage and help educate the City of Laval and different kinds of open environments owners to encourage them to protect, conserve and enhance these sites (second phase);
  • Implement customizable practices among grassland owners to help populations of country species, especially those with an endangered status, to support their basic needs and stabilize their populations (third phase).


Corbeil grassland.


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