Mobilizing campaign for industries, businesses and institutions of Laval

Electronics are handy and widely accessible, which explains why their consumption is not slowing down. Electronic waste is increasing substantially, and that is worrisome because these are made of non renewable resources such as rare metals. Therefore, they must not end up in landfills or be exported illegally, as this would just shift the problem elsewhere. We need to manage our electronic waste locally and responsibly in order to protect the environment, natural resources and workers involved in the process. Fortunately, the number of initiatives aimed at tackling this problem is increasing in Quebec and worldwide. 


About EPRA-Québec

In Quebec, EPRA-Quebec (Electronic Products Recycling Association) is officially recognized by Recyc-Québec to manage outdated electronics safely.


By going through EPRA…

  • You make sure all collected electronics do not end up in landfills ;
  • are not exported illegally by careless recyclers ;
  • are transported to businesses approved by the Office of qualified recyclers and comply with the recycling standards in Canada ;
  • will be recycled safely, soundly and ecologically.


By doing so, you also prevent precious resources from going to waste, and you can rest assured that they are recycled and reintroduced in production chains. 


Are there any specific services for businesses?

All businesses from private, industrial, commercial or institutional sectors of Quebec can recycle their electronics FOR FREE* or enable them to be re-used. *Certain conditions apply. 



Are your electronics still functional? Think re-use! For more information, you can directly speak with one of the re-use organizations approved by the Office of qualified recyclers and EPRA-Quebec. 

List of approved re-use organizations



Your electronics cannot be re-used? Think recycling! Bring them to an official drop-off point or contact EPRA-Quebec to fill a free pick up request (under certain circumstances). 


Phone: 1-888-557-8177

List of official drop-off points

List of accepted items


Mobilization campaign for industries, businesses and institutions of Laval

CRE de Laval and EPRA-Quebec were happy to collaborate and launch this mobilizing campaign targeting industries, businesses and institutions to encourage sustainable reusing initiatives, recovery and recycling of electronics in local facilities. 


During this campaign, CRE de Laval and EPRA gave information to industries, businesses and institutions about safe recovery services, special electronics pick up events, conferences and networking opportunities. 


Breakfast conference on sustainable recovery of electronics


On June 7th 2016, CRE de Laval and EPRA-Quebec organised a breakfast conference on sustainable recovery of electronics at Textil’Art. The event introduced EPRA-Quebec’s recovery services and official drop-off points for industries, businesses and institutions of Laval. Participants also had the opportunity to visit an official drop-off point. 


Publications (in French)

March 22, 2016 - Article in Courrier Laval - Produits électroniques: Les entreprises sensibilisées à la récupération.

March 15, 2016 - Press release - Récupération des produits électroniques: Lancement de la campagne de mobilisation des ICI de Laval


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