''Plan nature'': round of consultations

The Quebec government announced a commitment during the 15th United Nations conference on biodiversity (COP15) hosted by the City of Montreal in December 2022. The intention is for Quebec to be equipped with a Plan nature 2030 to take part in the achievement of the global framework objectives which aim to tackle the biodiversity decline. A $650M package will support this plan, which will be produced with the civil society.


In August 2023, the 17 regional councils on environment, including CRE de Laval, were mandated to increase awareness as well as consult and mobilize municipalities and the civil society about biodiversity. Each municipality, but also the covil society representatives, institutions and private enterprises are invited to recognize the importance of protecting biodiversity and their interest in taking part in the implementation of the Plan nature 2030.


CRE de Laval therefore organized a consultation for Laval, as part of the regional series Les Rendez-Vous de la Biodiversité, which was held on Wednesday, October 18 2023, from 9:00AM to to 6:00PM. While also validating orientations and targets of the Plan Nature 2030, the regional consultations allowed to suggest concrete solutions to take action and implement them within the communities.


Modalities of participation on the governmental platform

An online survey was available online and it was possible to submit a brief up until October 25, 2023.


Signatories of the framework resolution

Following our regional consultation, we invited all the stakeholders we had previously mobilized to confirm their commitment through the completion of a framework resolution. For its redaction, CRE de Laval was inspired by the global framework of biodiversity and the Montreal Commitment, to which a great number of entities adhered in the past year. By adopting this resolution, stakeholders therefore recognize the importance to protect biodiversity and show their interest to take part in the implementation of the Plan nature 2030.


 Here are the signatories:


CANOPÉE - Le réseau des bois de Laval

Centre de services scolaire de Laval

Chambre de commerce et d'industrie de Laval

Centre intégré de santé et de services sociaux de Laval

Coalition Mobilisations Citoyennes Environnementales de Laval

Conseil des bassins versants des Mille-Îles

Comité de citoyens de Laval-Ouest

Direction de santé publique du CISSS


Groupe Promo-Santé Laval

Institut national de recherche scientifique

Laval Innov

Laval ZéN

Musée Armand-Frappier

Nature Action

Pôle régional d'économie sociale de Laval

Pôle sur la ville résiliente – UQÀM

Société d'horticulture et d'écologie de Laval

Union des producteurs agricoles


Photos of the event on October 18, 2023 (click to reveal the gallery)

Consultation Plan nature 18-10-2023


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