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Waste management... an overview

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We all know primary resources are limited and that our current modes of consumption generate tremendous amounts of waste. CRE de Laval holds the position that as a responsible society, we can no longer maintain this rate of waste production.


We defend that the way we do things, be it wrapping, storing, buying and dispensing, has to change in order to respect the approach of 4Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle and recover).  We also stress the importance of democratizing the waste management processes in order to emphasize the ownership of waste producing instances in order to better target action angles and effectively implement innovating waste management techniques that incorporate the 4Rs and drastically decrease our waste production. Everyone should be concerned and invited to participate through various initiatives and partnerships.

In Laval, just like everywhere else in Quebec, the burying and burning of waste must be the last steps of waste management, as many other ways exist to fuel other activity branches. Most of our waste is perceived as such because we treatit as resources no longer usable, but this is false because most of our waste is actually quite useful, valuable and with great economical potential. We need to become more conscious of the before and after steps around the consuming period of our everyday products. Landfilling compostable and recyclable material in a chaotic and unsorted way is a tremendous waste of money and energy that should bluntly be banned. We must change our ways of living and throwing away if we are to leave a half decent planet to future generations and prevent them from having to sort through our absurdities. We must work together to respect the existing and realistic objectives of the Politique québécoise de gestion des matières résiduelles (in French).


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