A brief for the consultation on the 2024-2031 Metropolitan Management of Residuals Materials Plan (MMRMP)'s project

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Following the publication of the latest version of the MMRMP,  brief was co-written by CRE de Laval, CRE Montréal, CRE Montérégie, CRE Laurentides and supported by CRE Lanaudière.

Residual materials management is a necessary element of the socioecological transition. A myriad of stakeholders, decision-making levels and regulation, the environmental, social and economical implications of each decision and changes of habits make this topic a very complex and sprawling one.
Just like the BAPE's report on ultimate waste highlighted it in 2022, we are going straight into a wall if thorough transformations are not completed. We see evidence of this in the municipal and provincial reviews, targets are far from being met and the quantity of generated waste keeps raising, in a context of population growth. RECYC-QUEBEC's  recent review of 2021 residual materials managements also highlights the increase in the quantity of waste eliminated in Quebec while a lot of landfills are reaching their carrying capacity. The last review of the 2017-2024 MMRMP is no exception to the general trend.
In this context, this latest version of the MMRMP is an opportunity for the Metropolitan Community of Montreal to accelerate the rhythm and to ensure a strong, structured and coherent action at the scale of the metropolitan territory.
As you will see in the brief, it seems important to us to go beyond the pilot project and to provide the means to match up the goals. It is time to act quickly on a large scale. Without this change of rhythm, there is a high risk to end up in 2030 with a statement of failure regarding the achievement of targets.

Read the brief here (in French).


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