Free conference - Ecodistricts project: Let's create together collaborative governance & citizen participation models!

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Laval en transition, Coalition Climat LAVAL and CRE de Laval invite you to the fifth (and last!) conference of our free series dedicated to eco-districts. For this event, discover tomorrow's modes of governance and citizen participation that support the evolution of the eco-district concept.

Inclusion, solidarity and social cohesion: the watchwords!

An ecodistrict must promote inclusion, solidarity and social cohesion, while also maintaining a focus on a feeling of belonging to the collectivity.


In this context, what are the governance modes that encourage citizen participation and ensure the emergence of a vision of healthy, dynamic and resilient eco-districts? How can political actors of all levels and citizen groups collaborate to define an inspiring vision of eco-districts in their particular setting? And how can they maintain a cooperative, long-term relationship to help their eco-district grow?


Did you miss the previous conferences?

You may watch them on CRE de Laval's YouTube channel.



To attend in person: registration through Eventbrite is mandatory.

To attend virtually: no registration needed. The night of the event, go on our Facebook page - a ''Live'' will be broadcasted. If you do not have a Facebook account, you may join through Zoom.


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