Municipal elections: organization of a non-partisan environmental debate

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As part of the Semaine d'actions ZéN (Zero net emissions actions week) of Chantier Laval ZéN, CRE de Laval joined the citizen mobilization initiative Vire au vert and organizes, in partnership with Laval en transition, a non-partisan environmental debate to which all mayoral candidates have been cordially invited.

The debate will be held on Thursday, October 21,7-9:00 PM, at Collège Montmorency.
Read the official announcement in Equiterre's national press release (French-written), published on September 27 - all participating municipalities are listed, including Laval.
We also invite you to consult our recent open letter Le pouvoir sous-estimé des municipalités (French-written) co-signed by Laval en transition. This letter reiterates the several powers of municipalities, often overlooked, to protect the environment. Whether it is about food, transportation, land use planning or other key sectors, the municipal level directly influences our resilience capacity towards climate change.



Citizens interested in attending the debate either virtually or in-person - as well as the other activities scheduled for the Semaine des actions ZéN's program for Laval - can register right now through Front commun pour la transition énergétique's website.
Moreover, for Facebook users, an event was created for each activity of the program. The events' pages can be found on Chantier Laval ZéN's page. Go indicate your attendance!


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