Protection of Trait-Carré Woodland

In 2017, the City of Laval acquired Trait-Carré Woodland, a large natural environment of 12 hectares located downtown Laval, but they did not want to conserve it entirely. The grassland had apparently no ecological value, so different projects for the construction of municipal buildings were quickly suggested.



However, when municipal services were working on the directing plans for conservation, forestry and green spaces, is it not too early to waste this natural environment right in the downtown area for development? To answer this question, CRE de Laval and Les Amis du Boisé du Souvenir are proud to present a report that offers a first characterization of Trait-Carré Woodland - there is also an evaluation of some impacts of urbanization, such as the decline of canopy and heat islands. The study also highlights the social benefits of green spaces in urbanized zones. This study also highlights the social benefits of green spaces in urbanized zones. The implementation of a green corridor that would link the Souvenir Woodland to the Armand-Frappier sector is seen as a sustainable solution in the context of such a need to protect natural environments.


A cleanup was organized as part of the Journées de la nature by the Regroupement national des conseils régionaux de l’environnement du Québec in the spring of 2019, in collaboration with Les Amis du Boisé du Souvenir. We also participated to another cleanup event organized by CANOPÉE – Le réseau des bois de Laval in the fall of 2019. The cleanups allowed us to get rid of so much waste! This was also a great opportunity for people to get to know the site better.


More recently, in May 2021, a survey was created to take the pulse of the Laval population regarding the future of this woodland. Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of the 902 respondents positioned themselves for its integral conservation and the addition of facilities with a very low impact on the natural environment, such as urban props or path signs. Several respondents also demanded the acquisition of the 2 hectares of land that are still of private property.


A survey report was jointly submitted to the City by CANOPÉE - Le réseau de bois de Laval, CRE de Laval, Les Amis du Trait-Carré and Les Amis du Boisé du Souvenir, as part of the public consultations regarding the downtown area's Planning program (Plan particulier d'urbanisme - PPU). While in the context of that PPU and the Town planning code, whose first version was also submitted in 2021, the territory of Trait-Carré is zoned as ''Institutional'', we continue our efforts with Laval's administration so that a conservation zone can be assigned to it instead, allowing at last a proper development plan.



Trait-Carré's trail map:


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