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Where can I return defective products or end-of-life items?


1. Directory of accepted/refused materials for the various material collections


The research tool Ça va où?  (in French) by RECYC-QUÉBEC allows you to search by material type and to find out where it has to be disposed.


2. Other drop-off points by type of material


Lightbulbs and Lamps




Ink cartridges




Electronics (laptops and computers, digital tablets, keyboards, mouses, routers/modems, cables)




Books and magazines

  • Local libraries (books)

  • Primary schools and high schools

  • Senior residences (magazines)




Mattresses and bedbases


Medication (expired or not)

  • Drugstores (Jean Coutu, Pharmaprix, Uniprix, Familiprix, Proxim, etc.)




Paints, varnishes, dyes, aerosols and paint containers


Cells and batteries


Plastic #6 (expanded polystyrene, styrofoam)

  • Ecocentre (Lasalle & St. Laurent) (in French)


Cell phones


Textiles  (clothes that cannot be worn anymore/punctured/stained)

  • Textil’art (Laval-based business for social reintegration - they produce crafted rags) (in French)






Cars (used engine oil, antifreeze tanks, filters, empty oil containers, aerosol containers)

  • Local garage

  • To find the closest drop-off points : SOGHU

  • Ecocentre

  • ARPAC (Association of Auto Parts Recyclers)


3. Hazardous Household Waste


Twice a year, in May and September, the City of Laval organizes a collection of hazardous household waste for citizens only, in order to avoid that dangerous products such as leftover paint, old medicine, batteries, electronic products, etc., end up in landfills. Check out the City of Laval’s website to find out more about these collections (in French).


4. Building Materials


Dry materials (construction or renovation debris, lold appliances tree stumps and trunks, etc., are recoverable. You may get rid of them in a safe and fitting way by using receiving areas of dry materials offered by the City of Laval.

We invite you to browse through the City of Laval’s website in order to find out more about the list of accepted and refused materials and on how to dispose of them.


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