Land use planning


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CRE de Laval has completed several projects in land use planning ; discover them here.

Completed projects


Fight against heat islands

Issues regarding heat islands around Laval have been on the CRE de Laval’s radar for several years and we have participated in a large scale study on heat island evolution of Montreal’s metropolitan community area with UQAM and UdeM.


Laval Parking Day

 CRE de Laval hosted the 2013 and 2014 editions of Laval Parking Day which aims to temporarily use designated parking space as public areas where citizens can exchange, discuss and debate casually on the importance of these areas. 



Protection of the Totem pathway area

CRE de Laval is proud to have collaborated with the Comité de protection de l’environnement de Saint-François (CPESF) to help promote the ecological importance of the Totem pathway area to the members of the Revision of the land use planning Committee.



Reforestation of interchanges

 CRE de Laval is fond of this ambitious environmental project through which 250 000 trees were planted along road interchanges across Laval.




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