Arrivage receives a prize for the Opération dernière chance (''Last Chance Operation''), a project developed with 'CRE de Laval'

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On May 3, during Conseil régional de l'environnement de Montréal's Gala, Arrivage received a prize under the Small enterprises category for the Last Chance Operation, a project developed in collaboration with CRE de Laval

Project objectives

  • Re-inject 25 000kg of fruits and vegetables in Great Montreal's food network in 2022.
  • Generate $50 000 of direct or indirect income for participating farmers.
  • Allow producers to offer their surplus independently through Arrivage.


Extract from press release (free translation from original quote)

« This prize is the result of an unprecedented collaboration between several partners: Arrivage, CRE de Laval and other actors on the ground (producers, restaurant owners and community organizations), that we were lucky enough to meet and with whom we were able to have fruitful discussions. This is how we came to imagine, together, innovative solutions to critical societal issues such as food waste, climate change and food insecurity » - Elodie Morandini, executive director of CRE de Laval


Press release (French-written)

May 5, 2022 - Arrivage est lauréat du gala du CRE-Montréal 2022 Catégorie Petites entreprises pour son projet de valorisation des surplus agricoles avec le CRE de Laval


Media publications (French-written)

May 6, 2022 - Article in L'Écho de Laval: La startup Arrivage lauréate du prix Petites Entreprises au Gala du CRE-Montréal 2022


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