'Vigile Mille-Îles' submits a brief as part of the public consultation on Ste-Rose station's UPP

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The citizen movement Vigile Mille-Îles submits a brief (French-written) as part of the public consultation on Ste-Rose station's urban planning program (UPP), adopted by the City of Laval on April 13, 2021.

Vigile Mille-Îles prepared a well-rounded, lengthy and critical brief (French-written) regarding Ste-Rose station's urban planning program (UPP). The brief was submitted on Tuesday, June 1st mardi 1er juin via Repensons Laval. A press release (French-written) was also published.

Le Conseil régional de l'environnement de Laval is proud to support the content of the document, which reflects our organization's mission, values and wishes for the environment on Laval's territory and beyond.


Interesting proposals... at odds with environmental protection

Vigile Mille-Îles believes that Ste-Rose station's urban planning program highlights several items of interest, but insists that the proposals issued by the City will hurt significantly the environment as well as agricultural lands and grasslands. Many excerpts are thoroughly examined and relevant solutions are suggested in order for the project to be better implemented in a context of climate change - whose impacts are evergrowing.


Special thanks

Vigile Mille-Îles wishes to thank Les Amis du Boisé d'Auteuil and Parc Sentiers des Bois for their full support, as well as Éco-Nature for their support with the proposals that concern them, not forgetting Guy Garand, former managing director of CRE de Laval for his insight and wise comments.

Express yourself!

Vigile Mille-Îles invites citizens to read the brief carefully and to share their comments via the Facebook page of the citizen movement or through an email :


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